investment or partnerships considerations

( see also licensing & no-licensing options page )

let's pretend we're on the reality show
"shark tank"


and kevin o'leary goes:

"so you got an idea for decks of cards, and i see how that could be also for trading games, video games, comics, cartoons, merchandising, movies, collectibles, whatever. but why would i put my money into your modelland cards? what's to keep me from using my money to hire someone else to create decks of MY cards?"

modelland answers:

leaving aside for now some other, more intangible, possibly quite valid reasons why you or someone would choose to get involved specifically with modelland cards, let's look at something tangible:
(1) some interesting intellectual property
(2) the internet market
(3) the top choice system


the top choice system:
it has the potential to become one of the most used, if not THE most used, website and app on earth.
(in addition to the cards site, see also www.the-top-choice-system.com/home-modelland.htm)
granted, "potential" is a word "shark tank" does not appreciate. it could be the best, the "bestest" system for any interaction, but never take off.
however, that does not change the fact that no one has such an effective system as the modelland nextgen game theory for bringing the top thing to the top of your screen.
we can explore that theory and that claim when you want.
but we invite you to keep in mind that if you want to invest, you can have a very very substantial chunk of the ownership of the top choice system

in the meantime, let's move on to something that is not a claim, but a FACT:

the internet market dot com.
the modelland crossover owns the internet market dot com.
in fiction AND in real earth.
it owns some 150-200 domain names. don't worry about the odd content you may find for now --the content can change any day. the NAMES of the domains are what you are more than invited to carefully ponder upon, from betterfastest.com to we-direct-traffic-on-the-internet.com.
150-200 domain names that constitute a hub FROM the internet market, and 150-200 points-of-entry INTO the internet market.
if you want to invest, you can have a very very substantial chunk of the ownership of those domains.

"the story thus far"
mountains of documents of the modelland crossover establish
the following plot ideas below,
and that only the modelland crossover has rights to the **combination** of these plot ideas:
- there is only one venue for time travel, for all fictional characters -
this means that any fictional character that wants to change the past or the future must go through this venue.
while obviously any character outside of modelland is free to time-travel within their own franchise, the modelland crossover is the only fictional premise in which ANY fictional character (of any franchise) must go through the specific modelland time-travel venue if they want to time-travel.
so, in other words, if the terminator franchise decides to stay outside the modelland crossover, obviously it will still time-travel, within its franchise, all it wants. BUT, the terminator franchise --just as an example-- arguably cannot legally feature a plot idea in which they feature the only venue for any fictional character to engage in time travel.
for that matter, if the terminator franchise wanted to time-travel to meet batman, according to modelland, they'd have to go through the modelland crossover.
(btw in the modelland crossover, businesses do poorly by litigating over intellectual property, but thrive through win-win dynamics with those who use their ip.) so, while the intellectual property claim to the sole venue for time travel [in fiction] is a claim that could be litigated in a real court of law, the CULTURAL fact is and will remain that the original place where there is an exclusive for all fictional characters to time-travel, is the modelland crossover.
in other words, even if we were to lose the legal dispute, the fans of fiction would always think of and know that the "homebase" of time travel is the crossover in modelland.
in other words again, if any franchise claims "we have the only venue for time travel," the nerd and the fan will think: modelland.
and how do the people of our and other planets decide this and other matters of their world?
- the internet -
(google "we direct traffic on the internet" -- we all do...)
and via
- the top choice system -

it's all part of the crossover.
modelland cards.


now, in modelland worlds, courts and investments may not be all that important. the-karma-bank.com magically creates a shiny world in which everyone is financiall happy. (though there are always the villains of fiction who threaten to destroy the world, of course....). and while there is room for investments/purchases/agreements in modelland, chances are our modelland team-up would see us give kevin o'leary --ALL the sharks-- a quarterly tip that makes him/them smile above and beyond his/their quarterly dividends.

but that's just modelland.

as a matter of fact, if we're talking shark tank, commercial propositions, investments, etc, one could argue: "instead of proposing modelland cards to investors, wouldn't you do best by focusing on bringing up for investment something like the internet domains or a functioning app for the top choice system??"
i suspect that a web developer could use the modelland nextgen game theory system to build a working top choice system app that would prove itself RAPIDLY. but i'm took thorntorn --i don't want to be known as the guy that invented the top choice system, or the guy that owns the internet market or whatever. i could possibly remain in obscurity altogether anyway (i sorta would prefer that...), but i love modelland, i love the cards, i love the superheroes and the aliens and the robots and so on. if i'm gonna be known for something, i wanna be known for the modelland cards. it's what i love.

it's possible that we'll do --or outright thrive-- without others' intellectual properties, or that we'll work only with one outside franchise --whether that be valiant entertainment, or transformers. we can't wait to feature their wonderful worlds.
but without traveling through time, the time is now, and, for now,

modelland crossover...