modelland cards

the commercial approach

( see also investment/partnership considerations page )

the commercial approach to the production of modelland cards would range from no-licensing (completely independent of others' intellectual property) to licensed (based on agreements with others' intellectual property)

no-licensing approach

modelland cards would solely feature characters, images, etc., created and owned by the author(s) of modelland cards.

for characters created by the modelland cards author(s), contact tyra banks (author of the first original modelland novel) and/or took thorntorn (author [under different names] of published comics, fantasy and fiction, as well as of alternative/postmodern modelland projects)

licensing approach

the current sample project modelland cards deck [ old draft link ] [ new link ], not for commercial use/reproduction at this time, features a plethora of external existing characters and franchises belonging to other creators/publishers/studios.

for all practical purposes, at least initially, the simplest way to produce commercial modelland cards that feature others' intellectual property would be to limit the product to only one --or potentially two or three-- characters or franchises, under licensing agreement from those characters/franchise owners.

one option is to agree to licensing for one or more of the following:

planet of the apes
sucker punch
prince namor, the sub-mariner
lex luthor
the kingpin

another option is to agree to licensing for new or existing characters or franchises from other existing or new publishers, such as

valiant comics
mcfarlane (spawn / the walking dead / halo toys, etc)
dark horse comics

super robot anime productions

select reality shows

or other publishers/producers/authors that would find that they and/or their properties or creations are the best fit for the commercial version of modelland cards.