- modelland cards -

printing your own

the whole deck is 119 online "kardz" (a "kard" being only one side), plus 1 "blank kard." printed back-to-back, it totals 60 physical cards, two-sided.
if this were a commercially produced product (currently not allowed / not possible), you could buy the whole deck for $20-30. as things are, producing the whole deck on your own or at a copy shop could get somewhat costly or rather labor-intensive.
having said that, if you'd like to print your own modelland cards or deck for personal use, you can download (right-click the image and "save as" or "download") any kard on its own from the online deck, or use the "folios"/printsheets below.
additional note:
each folio/printsheet is laid out to print 4 cards. the kards in the folios are laid out for 2-sided printing. since proper alignment for 2-sided printing is as elusive as pinpointing the center of the yin-yang symbol, about half the kardz have been somewhat altered from the online version, specifically for printing purposes. the alterations involved creating more space to compensate for possible accidental crops when cutting folios printed on both sides.

"folios" (print-sheets)

LETTER SIZE (8.5"X11") - A4 SIZE (21cmx29.7cm)

(to view the other side of each folio, click on the "flip" link at the bottom of each page. for proper shuffling of cards, trim the corners.)
(folios edition 2015/08/26, folios M4, M5, edited.)