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logic = either X or not-X; awareness that anything is "either X or not-X"; a system of reasoning that does not allow contradictions

happiness = the most desirable state

happy = the attribute of being at one's most desirable state

peace = absence of harmful acts and/or harmful stress

harmful = causing damage to functionality and/or to well-being

stress = internal conflict

health = the ability to function and with happiness as the priority

play = mental and/or physical activity, without any purpose other than the enjoyment of that activity, and without any deliberate negative consequences.

game = play with rules

good = the attribute of being met with approval AND of proving and/or being deemed likely to be met with approval with the benefit of hindsight; not bad

bad = not good; the attribute of being met with disapproval AND of proving and/or being deemed likely to be met with disapproval with the benefit of hindsight

evil = intentional/deliberate bad.
wishing ill upon someone that does not wish you ill; not admitting you're wrong; to intend and/or try to use force against someone who does not intend and/or try to use force against anyone; to intend and/or try to harm someone who does not intend and/or try to harm anyone; to wish for someone to suffer in an "amount" greater than that someone wishes for others to suffer.
not love

emotion = physiological/psychological reaction(s) to one's perceptions; the manifestation of the physiological/psychological connection(s) between one's perceptions and one's state

free will = the ability to choose [and/or To Prefer]

choose [/prefer] = to assign top priority and/or top hierarchy

to like = to experience enjoyment from

approve = to deem or declare that something meets your criteria

heaven = all happy

free = unimpeded and unrestricted

impede = to use force in a way that prevents an action

restrict = to threaten force and/or negative consequences in such a way as to prevent or attempt to prevent an action

comfortable = without needs and/or without stress

need = a state of lacking something for one's own health and/or happiness

rest = a state of no conscious effort; a state of self-regeneration without conscious effort

relaxation = a state of comfortable rest

time = the factor that is necessary for and/or implied in progression

progression = the passage from one state to another; the passage from a state "X" to a state "not-X"

state = the attributes and/or coordinates of an entity

entity = either: any thing and/or life form; or: all things and/or life

individual = any entity with self-aware identity as distinguished from other entities

all = everything, and with no distinguishable entities; or: the totality of every entity together

identity = the state of someone and/or something being aware of itself as "i"; and/or the state of someone and/or something being distinguished by others as "it"/"she"/"he"/"them"

quantum leap = the switch of an electron from an orbit "X" to an orbit "not-X"[*]

energy = the capacity of acting

matter = 2 or more entities acting together; and/or 2 or more entities acting together with greater energy than other entities acting against them; and/or all entities acting together

number = either: an abstract concept, but not actually existent in reality, which is used to define and/or approximate theoretical measure of entities; or: 1

infinity = the constant act of progression; the unmeasurable mystery beyond, or fractioned within, 1 or more than 1

money = a representation of numbers that different entities agree to together, to refer to as a means for trading between/among those entities; the only thing in the universe that can be measured exactly

property = anything that you can protect and control

protect = keep safe

safe = not subject to harm and/or forced-upon acts

control = exercising one's will upon

conflict = the meeting of 2 or more incompatible hypothetical scenarios

love = wish for every1 to be happy/well; not evil

to love someone (specific) = to contextually wish for someone to be happy/well, with priority to one's own happiness focused on that someone

mantra = i want to implement and/or produce and implement the most effective and efficient way for me to never feel any attraction to anyone and/or anything unless i first logically approve and choose to feel attraction to that specific someone and/or something.
[and whenever i encounter/interact with anything/anyone new, the first thing i want to do is to analyze it with logic]

attraktion = impulse and/or feeling and/or sensation of wanting to engage with someone or something

impulse = a physiological signal and/or a physiological signal that can be programmed/reprogrammed via intention, chemistry, etc

engage = to do something that necessitates togetherness of interaction; to do something that necessitates reciprocal interaction

mantra = i want to implement and/or produce and implement the most effective and efficient way for me to feel attraction only to someone and/or something i
approve and choose with logic

word = the 1st thng ppl must agree on IF theyr goin2 agree w[/] eachothrz words [this, among other things, addresses the necessarily circular nature of any dictionary of words. see "The God of Tarzan," Burne Hogarth editions]

train = goes choo-choo

aka "the shaman page"

in and advanced world, since law is by definition incompatible with freedom and incompatible with an enlightened society, there is no law (except in a few territories where everyone within that territory prefers laws), and everyone has enough food and access to the internet.


right-and-wrong in a few basic questions