[edited excerpt from "the shaman page"]

internet justice = the available option to use the internet to let anyone interested and who has access to the internet decide on matters of justice.

one modelland world = a world and/or territory and/or society and/or reality-tv show and/or game in which everyone in that world/territory/society/reality-tv-show/game has ENOUGH to EAT and FREE ACCES TO THE INTERNET

(not as in maximum, but as in MINIMUM standards)
(and NOT by law, but free choice. a society that needs government is like a child that still needs parents.)

(suggested details for free internet access standards below)

free access to internet:
- provide free internet access at a time/distance of no more than 1 hour free commute or 1 hour walk (each way)
- enable no less than 2 gigabyte data transfer/day at average rate of no less than 0.5 Mbps
(details above based on year [2015] parameters)

in such modelland world, enough food [...] and free internet access are what every1 starts with
(kind of " a la " machete & flint in "survivor")

ftr, on real earth
[not modelland fiction; real earth]
adequate food for all the current hungry would cost 1% of our world's current wealth